Kirkus Reviews on The Cipher

Kirkus Reviews has released it review of The Cipher, and I’m happy to report they’ve got good things to say.

An excerpt:

A dangerous breakthrough in cryptography leads to a high-stakes adventure for ne’er-do-well Robert “Smiles” Smylie Jr., whose father founded computing security giant Alyce Systems. . . . The basics of public-key cryptography are explained accessibly, but the focus here is on the fast-moving action and web of double crosses and buried secrets. Smiles’ confident, upbeat and largely ingenuous voice lends the book charm, and chapters in which Smiles’ fond ex-girlfriend Melanie investigates Alyce Systems’ past are both warm and suspenseful. . . .  [R]eaders get plenty of suspense and high-tech high jinks . . . .

High-speed fun.

Check out the full review here.  Thanks Kirkus!

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