Playlist: The Cipher

I confess:  I’m  jealous of people who can listen to music while they write.  Perhaps it’s because I’m male and my brain isn’t made for multi-tasking, but when I get going I need utter silence.

Before that, however, I need inspiration — and for that, music can’t be beat.  When I sit down for a writing session, I’ll usually play something that seems appropriate to the mood of the piece.  After the wheels start turning — sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 30 minutes — I shut it down with a silent thanks to the artist for helping me along.

I thought I would thank them publicly here.   In writing The Cipher, I returned again and again to a small number of songs.  I’ve compiled them on a playlist, which you can check out here.

So thanks to Augustana, Ennio Morricone, Vanilla Fudge, Nancy Sinatra, and all the rest.  Hope you enjoy — and maybe find some inspiration of your own.

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